欢迎! 我们很高兴你决定加入AHN大家庭! 以下是一些有用的链接,并解释了明年会发生什么.

如果您有其他问题,请随时与AG体育平台办公室联系. We will be happy to help you with more information and connect you with the division or department representative that may be able to provide you greater insight. 请让我们知道我们是否应该在这个列表中添加一些东西!

这个活动在每年九月举行. Parents have the opportunity to follow their daughter’s school schedule and learn about teacher expectations and course of study.

学校午餐由Marcesco食品公司提供. 他们提供两种支付学生午餐的方式, a full-year pre-pay and an online service that will allow you to set up a student debit account. 这个账户允许你存款, 在学生之间转账, 当账户余额不足时,会给你发送电子邮件提醒. 学生借记账户存款可以通过ACH付款或信用卡进行.
要利用这项便利的服务,您需要创建一个父帐户. This requires you to request your student’s lunchroom ID number by sending an email request to Marcescofoods@gmail.com



当你注册这个选项时, your student will be put on a list in the cafeteria and will conveniently go through the lunch line as pre-pay. 这个选项增加了午餐工作人员和学生的速度和方便. 另外,你知道你的孩子每天午餐都吃得很饱!

以增加社会联系为目标, 减少情绪干扰, 优化学习成绩我们有“每天离开”的电话政策. 

中学生在校期间不得使用手机或智能手表. Phones and smartwatches should be turned off and placed in lockers or backpacks for safekeeping from 8:00 a.m. 直到下午3:05.m.  

高中学生,早上8点到.m. 3点05分.m.,不得使用手机,除非在免费时段. Otherwise, all phones and smartwatches should be turned off and stowed in the student’s backpack.  

Phones are permitted only in study rooms and the library and only during a student’s free period. 教室里不允许使用手机, 走廊, 浴室, 下议院, 莱利礼堂, 健身房或更衣室.   

所有类的供应清单都可以在父门户上获得. Access to the 家长门户 is granted upon student enrollment and payment of tuition deposit.

新的学校和体育制服可通过Student Styles订购,15 Cobbee Road, Latham. 在线订购或访问商店. Students may avail themselves of the uniform exchange; interested students may see the school secretaries for details.


  • 海军蓝格子裙,膝盖以上不超过2-3英寸或印有AHN标志的制服裤子. 请注意,正式场合需要穿裙子.
  • 白色短袖或长袖统一polo衫,印有AHN字母组合
  • 白色或海军蓝及膝袜或紧身衣(不可穿短袜或水手袜)
  • 平底便鞋,带背带
  • 带有AHN字母组合/标志的海军蓝毛衣或1/4拉链套头衫
  • Navy leggings may be worn for additional warmth under the uniform skirt at the student’s discretion. 在寒冷的天气不能穿运动裤/睡裤


  • 带徽章的海军蓝制服运动上衣
  • Plaid uniform kilt not more than 2-3 inches above the knee or uniform pants with the AHN logo. 请注意,正式场合需要穿裙子.
  • 灰色统一针织背心
  • 白色短袖或长袖统一polo衫,印有AHN字母组合
  • 灰色或海军蓝及膝袜或紧身衣(不可穿短袜或水手袜)
  • 带有AHN标志的海军蓝毛衣或1/4拉链套头衫
  • 棕色领带牛津鞋或马鞍鞋
  • Navy leggings may be worn for additional warmth under the uniform skirt at the student’s discretion. 在寒冷的天气不能穿运动裤/睡裤


We believe that the conduct of each student at Holy Names must be motivated by a basic self-respect, 尊重他人, 还有对学校的尊重. A student’s care with regard to her personal appearance and with regard to the proper wearing of the school uniform is indeed a sign of respect and of her cooperation as a member of the school community. The school reserves the right to exercise appropriate disciplinary action in response to any student whose appearance continually indicates a lack of respect for herself or others.


Students are in uniform from 8:00am until 3:05pm unless they must change for an after-school sport or another activity which would result in the soiling of clothes.

如果学生的制服缺了任何部分, 学生必须有家里寄来的便条,说明发生这种情况的原因.

A student who must wear alternative footwear due to injury must present to the Dean of Student Life or her delegate a medical excuse which clearly indicates the length of time that the alternative footwear will be required. It is expected the alternative footwear during this time period will be approved athletic footwear.

“不穿制服”的学生将被留校察看. 屡次违规将被停学. “没穿制服”的意思是这个学生

    • 她的制服少了一部分
    • 穿着不属于制服的衣服
    • 在未经允许的情况下在学校操场上换制服
    • 穿着被污损的制服
    • 不正确地穿着制服
    • 在不穿制服的日子里穿着不得体


  1. “Missing part of her制服”是指到达时没有穿一件必要的制服, 比如袜子, 马球衬衫, 高领毛衣.
  2. “穿着不属于制服的衣服” means wearing additional non-uniform clothing, 例如制服衬衫下面的t恤或制服衬衫外面的运动衫, 或者用不统一的服装代替统一的服装, 例如, 跑鞋为学校鞋.
  3. “穿着被污损的制服” refers to wearing uniform items that have been, 例如, 写在, 撕裂, 扯掉, 画在.
  4. “不当穿着制服”是指以不寻常的方式穿着制服, 例如, 穿反了的毛衣, 袜子在鞋子里面穿了一半, 后弯的鞋子.

AHN运动裤在Student Styles有售, 我们的制服供应商, 可能会在赛前动员日穿.

健康和医疗表格可在母门户网站上获得. Access to the 家长门户 is granted upon student enrollment and payment of tuition deposit.

圣名为每个学生提供一台笔记本电脑,以最大限度地提高她的学术经验. Laptop and technology policies and distribution information are available on the 家长门户. Access to the 家长门户 is granted upon student enrollment and payment of tuition deposit.

In collaboration with Christian Brothers Academy, Holy Names offers Northway transportation services.
每天早上, CBA校车将沿着北路行驶,在15号出口停靠, 12, 接CBA和圣名学校的学生,然后把他们送到学校. 放学后,公共汽车将逆行返回.

除了, for families who wish to drive their daughters to CBA in the morning and pick them up there in the afternoon by 3:30 p.m., we offer an option for transportation from CBA to Holy Names in the morning and from Holy Names to CBA in the afternoon.

圣名有三个母组织. 我们欢迎新晋父母的加入.

艺术之友 支持学生学习视觉和表演艺术.

助推器俱乐部 支持安大的体育运动.

家长协会 为学生策划和支持各种各样的活动.

了解更多信息或加入任何这些组织, 请参阅父门户(登录到ann)中的详细信息.org)或发邮件给学生生活主任凯西·威瑟斯彭(Kathy Witherspoon) kwitherspoon@lfchatkcrdifzr.com.

一旦学生入学,圣名提供家长访问家长门户网站. 家长门户为家长和监护人提供了访问学生课堂页面的途径, 作业, 出席, 日程安排, 以及评分信息. You’ll also find The Resource Board that offers clickable tiles such as the “Parent Place” (the principal’s parent information center), 手册, 形式, 以及“自助餐厅角”,在那里你可以为你的学生创建一个账户.

通过向家长和监护人提供这些信息, we are encouraging active participation by parents and guardians in their child’s education and progress.

如果您需要帮助您的门户帐户或需要注册一个门户帐户, 请将您的要求电邮至 dperritano@lfchatkcrdifzr.com or cinsero@lfchatkcrdifzr.com

有许多因素有助于学生的成功. 其中之一就是在家庭和学校之间保持畅通的沟通.

每年11月都有一个面对面的会议,包括学生, 她的父母/监护人, 她的顾问. 在这次会议上,将审查第一季度的报告卡. It provides an opportunity to discuss areas in which the student has been successful and areas in need of improvement. Goals are established and available resources are put in place to contribute to the student’s success. 类似的, each April the third-quarter report card is reviewed and the student’s courses for the next school year are approved. It is not uncommon to review the course of study for the student for the remainder of her high school journey at this meeting.

学校从早上7:15开始开放.m. 至下午5时.m. 每一天.  学生们应该在上午8点前到达教室上课. 下午3点05分放学.m.

学生手册可在家长门户网站上获得. Access to the 家长门户 is granted upon student enrollment and payment of tuition deposit.

Student drivers at Holy Names are expected to observe all standard motor vehicle and traffic rules and regulations. Each student who drives to school and uses the school’s parking lot is required to register her vehicle(s) with the school and to have a permit issued by the school. 学生司机被要求遵守以下指导方针和安全程序.

  • 在每个学年开始时,高年级学生都会被分配到停车位.
  • 使用机动车辆时的危险和/或粗心行为是不能容忍的. 这些操作包括, 但不限于以下:在汽车引擎盖上运送学生, 速度过快或不适当, 路过的校车, 允许无牌司机驾驶你的车辆, 允许未经授权的个人或其他学生驾驶您的车, 对其他司机不礼貌.
  • Going to cars during school hours is prohibited (except for seniors who are leaving or entering the lot).
  • Seniors may not give “permission” to other students to park on campus and use their parking spaces.
  • Any student who willfully violates these guidelines will have her driving privileges taken away.
  • 如果学生失去了开车上学的权利,家长将被通知.
  • 开车上学是老年人的特权.
  • 因为停车场被认为是“在校园里”,” all rules and regulations governing activity inside the school apply as well to activity in cars or in the parking lot.

All student travel under the auspices of the school requires written permission from the parents/guardians, 适当的监督和足够的保险范围. Behavior in accord with the guidelines in the handbook is expected on all school-sponsored trips.

所有的暑期作业和阅读书目都可以在家长门户网站上找到. Access to the 家长门户 is granted upon student enrollment and payment of tuition deposit.

每周观察通讯每周五出版,并通过电子邮件发送给所有家长. 报名网址: 加入我们的邮寄名单t. 如果您已经注册了我们的电子邮件列表,但没有收到每周观察, 请查看您的垃圾邮件或联系Cathy Insero cinsero@lfchatkcrdifzr.com.